Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My namesakes

On my way into work this morning, a blast from the past song came up on my iPod. Samantha Fox's "I Wannna Have Some Fun". Come on, you remember her, the English model/singer from the late 80's.

Well hearing that song brings up memories of a tidbit of silly information on me.

I had gone to CCD, which is like Sunday school, except it was on Saturday morning. It was pretty much a social event since you got to hang out with your friends from school for an hour on the weekend. You stated in first grade and went all the way through to 8th grade where it all culminated with Confirmation, where you receive the sacrament of the Holy Spirit.

The best part about Confirmation was that you got to choose your Confirmation name. I didn't have a middle name so I thought it would be cool to finally get one. And it was all my choice!

Typically you would select a proper Christian name from the Bible. Friends had chose Mary, Elizabeth, Theresa. Not me. I chose Samantha. I wanted a rock star middle name and at that time, the coolest slut was Samantha Fox. (Lita Ford was also an option, but 'Lita' just didn't sound right with my name.)

Not to ignore my first name, it also has a story.

My dad was a fan of Claudine Longet, a popular singer/actress/dancer from Paris of the 60's and 70's. She was married to Andy Williams and later dated skier "Spider" Sabich. She was later arrested for 'accidentally' killing Spider by shooting him in the back, but was acquitted because of mishandling of evidence and other police blunders. She then later married her defense lawyer who left his wife and children to be with her.

So there you have it, folks. I'm named after a homicidal beauty home-wrecker and a bimbo slut.

Where does your name come from?


  1. Stephen means "crown" or "crowned one."

    So, Claud, the next time you tell me, "Steve, you are not the boss of me!" I would have to agree with you. But then, to be accurate, you should say, "Steve, you are the monolithic crowned king over me!!!"

  2. Sa-sa-sa Samantha Fox! I remember finding out she was a porn star or something like that. How scandalous. Lita Ford - I still love that song Kiss Me Gently and the video where she's rolling around on ice.

    Still, nothing beats Tawny Kitaen doing cartwheels on Jaguars or hanging out the window.

    I digress. You rule for picking Samantha as your Confirmation name. Were you allowed to use that? Wow, Claudine Longet was pretty!

    My mother was a Francophile and she liked my name in French. Found out this weekend when talking to my mom about Angelina naming her daughter Vivienne that my name was supposed to be spelled like that, but she liked Viviane better. I do not have a middle name.

    So while you were named after a homicidal beauty and a bimbo, don't forget: Naughty girls need love, too.

  3. YES! Tawny Kitean. How could I forget her? I wanted to BE her. I has crazzy big hair, that with the help of Sun-In, it was a fiery shade of red. If I only knew someone with a Jag...

  4. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Samantha Fox was a topless model - british Page 3 girl. The porn star of the same name was a different person.

    Lita Ford - Kiss Me Deadly.. great song.

    don't f with me on meaningless 80's trivia


  5. I love that Viv remembered the song "Kiss Me Gently" and Andrew remembered it "Kiss Me Deadly". Interesting! :) And I think I can give you a pretty good run for your money on meaningless trivia, Mr. AF!

    "Chelsea" is just a location name - a port city in England. No special story, just that my mom heard someone in the park one day calling for "Chelsea" and she liked it. I loved growing up with no one else having that name (although I could never find any of the personalized junk that was so popular those days - mini license plate with your name, anyone?). I hate that the name is now associated with the Clintons. People say that when I tell them my name "Oh, like Chelsea Clinton?" "No, like me! I was here first!!!" Gets me pissed off every time.

    I always liked the name Samantha - any name that could sound like a boy or a girl, I liked. I went through a Michelle phase too. I was always jealous of my friends who got to pick their names for Confirmation!

  6. Chelc, AF: typing kiss me gently was totally Freudian! In my head I was saying Deadly! How weird. I was wondering why AF mentioned the song in his reply but with Chelc's reply I realized why.

    I remember those bike nameplates. Never could find it in my name, either. :-(

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