Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: Year in Photos

I say goodbye to another year, and look forward to the next.

Wishing you health, love and laughter in 2010.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

What Christmas Means To Me

Christmas seems to change for me over the years.

When I was little, there was magic in the air. From the lights on the christmas tree, to the sounds of spanish christmas music to the anticipation of listening for the reindeer on the roof.

During my tween and teen years it was about what cool gift was waiting under the tree.

College was about meeting up with your friends after all the family obligations were over.

Now Christmas is about none of that -- yet all of that.

Its about the magic of having my extended family all under the same roof.

About the cool gifts of laughter we share.

And about getting together with my family after all the work obligations are over.

I love Christmas.

Caro Christmas 2009 from Claudine Caro on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

2009, ready to see you go

Looks like I'll be job hunting again in a few weeks. My horoscope knows the deal and has send timely advice:
If you remain calm, cool and collected right now, your performance rating will soar. You may be paying a price for your independence and uncompromising attitude. You might have joined the wrong team, but it's too late for regrets. Jump overboard at the first sign of trouble, but think fast once you start swimming. Nobody wants to be at the wheel when the ship goes down. Prove to others that you can be counted on during a crisis.
So you know that huge project I was hired for in July? Well, it was continually pushed back and pushed back, so now it won't actually begin until January.

However, the company that I'm contracting for has just signed an exclusive contract with a training developer vendor that begins January 1. What that means is that independent contractors who are currently with this company will not get their contracts renewed.

I've been working on smaller, pick-up projects at this company since I got here, so that's been keeping me busy... and paid. But my current two projects will last through the end of January and once they're over, my contract is officially over.

Let the job hunt begin again.

The good news is that I've had some good experience here and I've received excellent recommendations from the clients I worked with. I was even recommended to the new vendor as a new hire to aid with the transition.

I'm not freaking out yet about being unemployed in a few weeks. Ask me again at the end of January.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I <3 Wil Wheaton

I have been having this completely ridiculous, irrational crush on Wil Wheaton these past few months. I've been listening to his Memories of the Futurecast religiously and am truly saddened that they're over for a while (although I will be listing to Radio Free Burrito). I obsess over watching The Guild and I've rented Star Trek:TNG on Netflix just so I can watch the episodes as he narrates them on the podcast. I've even spent hours just reading his blog and articles that he's written all over the InterWebs.

I love his snarkiness and the sound of his voice. I love the way he has conversations with himself and imaginary things.

But most of all I love that he's a complete geek and revels in it. Actually, with his beard, to me he's kind of a sexy geek... but I digress.

He has this great writing style where I imagine it's just him and me, sitting in his living room with his dogs while his lovely wife is in the kitchen making nachos.

This is the fundamental difference between what JJ Abrams did with Star Trek, and what George Lucas did with Star Wars. Lucas told us, "Hey, you know all that stuff you love so much? That stuff that's been a huge part of your life? Well, you're stupid for liking it because I didn't mean it. These are my toys, always have been, and now I'm taking them back. Ha. Ha. Ha. Fuck you, now give me more of your money."
I wish there was a Teen Beat or a Bop magazine for adults about famous adults. Sure there's People and other TMZ-worthy trash, but that's not what I want. I want articles and photos of the innocent sillyness of Wil's favorite ice cream flavor or highest score on Centipede. I would totally be in his fan club, hell, I might even be Treasurer.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Stupid insightful quotes

If you want to know what we think is important, look at how we spend our time. If you want to know what we value, look at how we spend our money. If you want to know what we believe, look at how we live.

Hmm... if this is the case then I must think the mundane lives of others is important, take-out food is something I value and solitude is what I believe.

That sucks. Time for a change in 2010!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

things I like: Best Songs of 2009

I love it when the Universe delivers exactly what I was looking for.

I've had this soulful need for some more music. I've been reading this book, "Love Is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time" by Rob Sheffield. This biography tells the story of this Rolling Stone writer's life through the mix tape he's created and received over the years. Much of the music is new to me and has started this treasure hunt into locating and listening to the tunes.

Then today I came across the Said the Gramophone which had a listing of the Best Songs of 2009. None of these songs are played on mainstream radio and for a limited time, they're all free downloads.

I can't wait to go home, download them, and become intimate with my new friends.

things I like: Website Stencil Kit

I wish I had a need for this because I love it. A website stencil that can help you create wireframes for online stuff.

Website Stencil Kit, $17.95

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Good Intentions

The alarm on my iPhone went off at 6:00 am. I had every intention on doing some exercise in the morning. I only hit snooze once.

Then my dog woke up and I let him out. But instead of getting dressed for the gym or even popping in an exercise DVD, I powered up the Mac and just started surfing.

I just couldn't do it.

And this pains me because I NEED to do something a little more vigorous than walking the dog for an hour. The weather is getting colder and soon I'm not even going to want to step outside for fear of my snots freezing in my nose.

Every morning I keep telling myself that I'll do exercise after work. Then after work I tell myself that I'll do something when I wake up tomorrow. It's a never ending cycle of laziness.

Eh. I'll worry about it tomorrow.