Friday, October 28, 2011

Perception is a funny thing.

Today a coworker 1 sent me an IM about coworker 2. Coworker 1 (he) said coworker 2 (she) was an idiot.

Now I love some good gossip, but I asked him:

Any hard facts? Because based on her actions, she's pretty competent.

Him: Really? Ok. It's only conversation I've had. Nothing I can use to back it up with. It's just me and my 'male' twisting of stuff. Cool.

me: Oh no... I judge people like it's my job... but she's pulled her weight and then some.

Him: ok cool. Viewpoint changed.

So I thought about this. And it makes me happy that I was able to stop the gossip train and stand up for someone.

Did she deserve to be called an idiot? No. Especially since she had done nothing to warrant that impression. And if me pretty much asking him if he could prove it made him realize that he had nothing to go on, then I feel a little powerful about that. And in a good karmic way.

Women need to stand up for each other. Because we already have obstacles in the workplace. If we allow people to bash our sisters, even with reason, then we bring all women down.