Friday, October 21, 2005

head over heels

I haven't written much about work yet. The job is ok, the people I work with are fantastic. They're the kind of people who will celebrate your accomplishments, and laugh in your face when you look like an idiot. In essence, they're an extension of my family.

This morning I took the starring role of Lead Moron. It was still early and not many people had arrived yet. Josee and Mark were both sitting at their desk, a 3 foot cube divider seperating me from them. Andrea was sitting behind me, back to me. I was clowning around and pretended to recline in my office chair.

I must have pretended too hard because I tipped the balance and sent the chair, with me in it, flying backwards. There I was, in the chair, flat on my back, feet sticking straight up in the air. For a brief moment my face froze in shock, then I exploded into laughter. I just thank God that I decided to wear pants today. I would have died in complete embarassment if I had landed with a skirt pooled around my head and my ass shielded only by the thin strip of fabric from my thong.

There are times when you do something stupid and try to hide it, hoping that no one saw your blunder. There was no hiding my display, so I had to call the fullest attention to it. My laughter filled the area until I realized that Andrea was on the phone. From above I saw Mark trying to frame the perfect shot with his camera phone. "That's what we call in England 'freekin funny'!"

I was fine, the only thing brused was my pride. But there wasn't much to lose anyway.