Monday, November 08, 2010


I was feeling nostalgic, I admit it.

I spent the weekend in the Pocono Mountains, PA with my college friends. There was enough silliness to go round, but there were moments for me to reflect on my move to North Carolina, what got me there and what's keeping me there now.

Charles, of course, popped into my head.

I was reminded of the great time we had at the mountain house. The beginning of the relationship, not the end. It made me smile.

When I arrived back to North Carolina at RDU Airport, it was the first time that I flew in without having him there eagerly waiting for me. And it was a little lonely.

So sent him a text.

I don't have any expectations. I haven't heard from him since I moved out. But he knows from a previous email that I don't have any bad feelings. (It takes so much energy to stay angry and I don't want to waste my energy that way.)

Maybe it's not so much of a bad thing. Maybe it was in the stars.

Here's my horoscope today:
You might want to call up somebody you haven't seen in a while. And if the yearning to connect with someone from your very distant past comes over you, well heck, you should do just that! Look them up and then say hello. Maybe they've got something -- a memory, an insight -- that you've been missing. Maybe you'll both just be glad to see that, yes, things change and people lose contact, but there's still some core self that remains the same and still appreciates the connection it once had with a kindred core self.
We'll see what happens.

I got a response two days later.

I'm thinking that's the polite brush off.

Monday, November 01, 2010