Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Wish

Around this time each year I take a time out from the chaos that starts up and I think about all that's happened this past year.

There's no sugar-coating it, 2008 has been rough. The economy is gasping for air, the west coast is on fire, polar bears are now threatened, and our men and women of the military are still in harm's way. But from this darkness, I do see the light on the horizon. There is hope.

I see it mainly in the way people have come together to join in a common cause. To make the world a better place. The geographic boundaries are blurring and we have created communities from across the planet. I only have to look at my Facebook account to glance into the lives of friends from all chapters of my life. It proves to me that we are all connected and it's that thought that comforts me.

So for Thanksgiving, I give thanks to you... my friends and family that have crossed paths with me at one time or another. I hope you always have a safe, warm place to call home with enough comforts to share. I wish you health and happiness; the joy of exploration and curiosity; and the satisfaction of seeing your dreams come true.

Be well.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some randomness...

I'm in a strangely good mood today. It's so odd. I mean, I'm laughing, singing in the office, rocking out in my cube...

The weather is crappy so I can't attribute my mood to that. I'm at work, so I definitely can't attribute my mood to that.

I think it's the promise of a long weekend where all I have to do is be hungry.

That's enough to be thankful for.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A pet peeve

I sit in a cubicle at work and often overhear people's conversations. (Ok, sometimes I strain to hear because I am such a voyeur.) But in my pursuit of my eavesdropping I hear stuff that ultimately annoys me -- which in reality is my own dumb fault for being angry because I don't need to be so nosy.

Today's pet peeve is the way some people start off conversations.

"I don't know if you read my email, but..." and then go off into a monologue on what their email actually said.

This doesn't have to be specific to email, but in any situation where Person A expected Person B to have knowledge of something, Person A starts with "I don't know if you have knowledge of something", then proceeds to tell Person B exactly the knowledge of something Person B was expected to know.

Wouldn't it be easier just do ask "Hey, did you read my email? What are your thoughts on it?" This way it conserves words, gets to the point of the conversation and doesn't aggravate me when I try and listen in to conversations that have nothing to do with me.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes
I was in a client meeting today with members of the project team, including my manager. I had offered an opinion in favor in taking a particular approach and my manager completely cut me off and negated what I had to say. I shut up and felt no need to contribute further to the discussion.


Friday, November 07, 2008

Reunion Video

The songs used in this video are:
"Bruises" by Chairlift
"Leave Your Mark" by Jessie Baylin