Friday, December 18, 2009

2009, ready to see you go

Looks like I'll be job hunting again in a few weeks. My horoscope knows the deal and has send timely advice:
If you remain calm, cool and collected right now, your performance rating will soar. You may be paying a price for your independence and uncompromising attitude. You might have joined the wrong team, but it's too late for regrets. Jump overboard at the first sign of trouble, but think fast once you start swimming. Nobody wants to be at the wheel when the ship goes down. Prove to others that you can be counted on during a crisis.
So you know that huge project I was hired for in July? Well, it was continually pushed back and pushed back, so now it won't actually begin until January.

However, the company that I'm contracting for has just signed an exclusive contract with a training developer vendor that begins January 1. What that means is that independent contractors who are currently with this company will not get their contracts renewed.

I've been working on smaller, pick-up projects at this company since I got here, so that's been keeping me busy... and paid. But my current two projects will last through the end of January and once they're over, my contract is officially over.

Let the job hunt begin again.

The good news is that I've had some good experience here and I've received excellent recommendations from the clients I worked with. I was even recommended to the new vendor as a new hire to aid with the transition.

I'm not freaking out yet about being unemployed in a few weeks. Ask me again at the end of January.


  1. NIce to chat with you via Adobe connect.

  2. toothpick10:34 AM

    Bummer! Surely something better will work out though. Keeping my fingers crossed!