Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don't Stop Googling My Twitter

I was killing time at work this afternoon and decided to Google my online handle. I was amazed at just what results came up: Twitter posts, posts on blogs, blog comments, my name on other people's blogs. And most amazingly, a lot of my photos that I have hosted on Flickr have been used in online presentations, articles, and travel sites all over!

Here are my photos:
A few reporters have even found me through my photos on Flickr.

Ahhhh.... Puerto Rico!The first time was in March 2007, when a Wall Street Journal reporter was doing a story on VIP only areas of exclusive vacation hotels. She found this photo of me lounging in the infinity pool of the El Conquistador Hotel in Puerto Rico. First she sent me questions over email and then she called me for a phone interview. You can read the final article Class Warfare at the Infinity Pool. I was even quoted!
At the El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico, Claudine Caro infiltrated the infinity pool during her four-night stay last August. The pool is meant for use by guests of Las Casitas Village, a small complex adjacent to the main building. (There, current peak-season room rates start at $269 a night -- about $40 more than a room in the main resort. One-bedrooms start at $485.) Ms. Caro, a 33-year-old in South Brunswick, N.J., who develops educational courses for a pharmaceutical company, and her cousin visited the pool twice around dinnertime, when there weren't any attendants around. "We walked in like we owned the place," she says.

After my 15 minutes of fame were up from that, I got another 15 minutes. CNN was preparing a series of stories of road trips, and being that I just finished my Laid-Off Blues road trip, I sent in my story. Not only was it featured in a CNN iReport piece, I was interviewed again over the phone and they developed a multimedia slide show with me narrating!

The Quarry Overlook

It blows my mind how this crazy thing called the internet, which I dove into head first in 1995, now chronicles my life in ways I could never have imagined. In some ways, its a little frightening and I do need to be aware of what I'm putting out there, but for the most part, it makes the world a much smaller place.


  1. Anonymous12:29 PM

    This internet thing DOES make the world such a smaller place!

    (Thanks for your comment on my "annoying" post - you're hilarious!!!)

  2. I laughed so hard when I saw your title line, I almost fell off the couch! Andrew thought I was crazy.

    Well I'm going to have to get your autograph next time you're in town because you're famous! The Internet really does make this crazy world a little smaller!

  3. Holy crap, Clau, you're freaking famous! I loved the multimedia slide show!

    I can't wait to read your old road trip blog.

    BTW, that reminds me. Remember I was going to drive down to FL to give my dad my car and I spoke about a road trip? After I had a mechanic inspect the car and the A/C was broken, my dad came up with my grandfather and drove it down instead.