Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Musical Morning

Here's just a random sampling of music that got me through my morning:

Lay Your Hands On Me (slow version) - Bon Jovi
This slow, grooving version was a great song to start the morning with.

Within Your Reach - The Replacements
The sweeping guitar flanging makes me feel like twirling circles around in my room with my hands waiving hippie-like in the air.

Keep Yourself Alive - Queen
A steady driving beat perfect for that morning commute past cornfields and cows on two lane highways.

Mercy - Duffy
With the first bass notes, you might think it's Ben E. King's Stand By Me. But this sassy song puts me in a mood just right to catch up on work emails and mentally prepare myself for a day of nonsense.

Describe your musical morning...


  1. Anonymous5:28 PM

    "Easy" -The Commodores. I'm convinced that if you hear this in the morning on your way to work by chance you cannot have a bad day

    "Walking In Memphis"- Marc Cohn Little bit of everything in this gem

    "Walking On Sunshine" -Katrina & The Waves Obvious.

    "I'm Alive" - The Hooters. This is a new one from their new album, download the song if that's your thing or buy the CD if you are old fashioned.

    This can at least get you started on the right foot.

  2. you said lay

    for you - springsteen
    friendship and a sucide... not the idea song to wake up to.. cried like a little girl.

    baba o'riley - the who-I played the best half awake air guitar eva, eva, eva... i was the shit...

    that was it.. it was a slow music day for me today... hard to hear over the sound of a saw zol..