Monday, July 21, 2008


I don't know when I changed, but I can tun into a sobbing mess in an instant. Movies, songs, commercials, Hallmark cards, you name it.

  • Christian the Lion - When he runs into their arms... mess.
  • World's Strongest Dad - When the dad carries his son across the finish line... huge mess.
  • WALL-E - When Wall-e and Eva dance in space... ridiculous mess.
  • Pedigree Commercial - Those puppy eyes...sobbing mess.
  • U2 'Walk On' - Reminds me of September 11. "I know it aches, how your heart it breaks, you can only take so much..." singing mess.
  • Ross and Rachel - The kiss everyone was waiting for... cheering mess.
What turns you into a mess?


  1. Oh god, in addition to what you've mentioned? Here are some that kill me:

    ikea lamp commercial.
    Because I'm crazy.

    - When they kill Aslan in the cartoon version of the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobethat I saw when I was six. Traumatizing. I remember how much I cried. I was hysterical. I cried as if they killed the most innocent creature in the world. I remember the look on Aslan's face when he was tied up, my feeling of injustice and pain.

    Years later, I learned it was symbolic of Christ's crucifixion and I felt used.

    When I first saw the trailer for the Chronicles of Narnia version last year, I burst out crying when I saw Aslan. Too bad I thought the movie sucked ass.

    - The
    Second Renaissance I and II
    from Animatrix. Another one that brings up similar feelings of injustice and humanity. I was messed up for days. I am unable to watch it again.

    - When Adri was killed on the Sopranos. I remember the episode's name, "Long Term Parking." That hurt. I cried so hard. No video for this.

    Hmm. There's a theme here.

  2. I never used to cry much. Now, forget about it. Especially around my period (some people get irritable, I get weepy). I cry at the happy and the sad. My sister's graduations, my niece's Nutcracker recitals (although she was on for such a short time, that was easier to control), watching my baby niece start to walk. And then there are the commercials, movies, movie trailers even (this happened before Mamma Mia Friday night, in fact!). It's hard for me to watch another person cry without reacting myself (kind of like gagging that way, only not so unpleasant).

    Songs? Oh yeah, definitely songs. Still can't handle some Bruce Springsteen songs, especially when he sings them in concert (The Rising (pissed me off when Hillary was using it for her campaign), Lonesome Day - really that whole album). Clau, I'm soo jealous you get to see him this weekend! We seriously considered coming out, but it just was too damn expensive.

    And then there was the wedding. Weddings in general (even on TV) I cry at - never used to be that person! But for my own, I struggled the entire time walking from the room, downstairs, down the aisle, and then during the ceremony. Especially when our officiant said a few words about my dad who passed away a few months after Sept. 11 - that was a tough year. Those were happy tears, but I'm sure I looked like I was having 2nd thoughts because I kept taking big breaths so I didn't get hysterical. Thank goodness the ceremony was short and then we got to the partying!

    Sometimes I just need to have a good cry. But I'm not a pretty cryer - face gets all red and puffy and stays that way for up to a good hour afterwards. That always sucks. If it's a really good cry, I'm totally exhausted afterwards and just need a nap. And the whole thing usually just leaves Andrew confused and helpless. One day he'll learn that I can't control it, I don't do it on purpose, and a lot of the time I wish I could control it better! (Like when I cried and cried and cried through Stigmata - isn't that supposed to be a horror movie? I just couldn't deal with it, still can't watch that movie - that could be a therapy session!).

  3. Um.. just waking that bad?