Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Exes Part 1: Pat

I was going through some photos today and came across a ton that spanned my school years. I was completely taken back to each moment in time when those pictures were taken and I was filled with nostalgia. These pictures didn't deserve to be hidden away in a box in the top shelf of my closet; they needed to be treasured.

That's when I decided to start a series of posts about ex-boyfriends. My tribute to them.

I start with Pat. And for those who know him, it's only fitting that I start with him.
Pat, 1992

Me and Pat at a Springsteen concert in 1993.

Pat and I met in college during the first week of school. He lived exactly two floors below me and was in my Psych class. We got drunk many times together, pledged in the Greek system at the same time and even shared a bed a few times. Nothing ever happened then because I we were always dating someone else. Plus, he was such a good friend. It was hard to think of him otherwise. It wasn't until the summer after our freshman year where that changed.

He lived in Hazlet and I would often go down there to hang out or go to the shore. He had a motorcycle, a little Kawasaki rice-burner, but it was damn fun!

The following fall, we both moved into our sorority/fraternity houses and hung out together a lot. He was starting to ask me "Why won't you go out with me?" and I resisted because we were such close friends. But eventually I gave in. He was cute, fun and such a compliment to me; it was only a matter of time, really before we became a couple.

We dated from sophomore year all the way through my senior year. He had become not only my best friend, but a friend to everyone in my sorority. He was the 'sweetheart' for two years in a row. He was my sweetheart for longer.

But as the years went on, we started to go our separate paths. I was concentrating on getting out of college, he was concentrating on winning the Silver Keg award in his fraternity. I was the president of my sorority, he was "Dirty Pat". We went through ups and downs and ultimately I broke his heart.

The good thing is that a year later, I reached out to him out of the blue and restored our friendship. I loved him, and I believe once you truly love someone, you never really stop.

I wonder where he is now. I heard he was married and living near Keyport. I hope he's happy and doing well. I would love to get back in touch with him just to catch up on life. Patrick Corcoran, if you're out there, I'm looking for you!

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  1. vivzan10:10 PM

    Found your blog! It's nice that you have such good memories of your ex. And what a wonderful photo!