Thursday, August 07, 2008

a typical IM conversation

Steve: ok, enough office bashing for today

Steve: I feel like a jerk!

me: you should. i'm telling

Steve: now I will punch YOU

me: no. because i have on my protective cloak with a shield charm

Steve: a shield charm

Steve: I would punch the shield charm RIGHT THROUGH YOU!

me: no, my pet unicorn will trample you and impale you with its horn

Steve: I would break the horn of the uni-horn and stab it to death with it

Steve: stumped you didn't i

Steve: (totally)

Steve: ha!

Steve: sucker!

me: no because my doppelganger will throw things at you for ever until you die

Steve: I will dangle your doppelganger from the roof by her toenails while I bludgeon you with your own dog.... then I will do it again to your doppelganger and say "this was so much fun. Why didn't I think of this before!?"

me: no because i will punch you


  1. steve: I am sory Claudine. Are you mad at me? Why would you punch me?

    me: Because I am a big turd! A big brown turd that takes our private IM conversations and posts them on the web for everyone to read. That's how I roll. I am turd like that!

    steve: Yes you are a turd.

    me: Don't dare call me a turd. I will stab you with a turd that I just custom manufactured and you will die from being stabbed by a turd!

    steve: That is gross Claudine.

    me: That's how I roll. I do what I want.

    steve: aren't you worried about people thinking you are all gross when I post this on your blog comments.

    me: no, because I AM gross. Gross like a stabbing turd!

    steve: I can't argue with that. Gotta jet. I have a meeting.

    me: I think I am in that meeting. I will bring the turd.

  2. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Considering clau's scatological obsessions, the poop references in steve's version do sound a bit like her...

    please don't kill me :)