Monday, August 11, 2008

80's Flashback

Rock Stars
In preparation for tomorrow's Poison concert, here's a picture of me when I sang Dokken's "In My Dreams" during my 8th grade talent show in 1987.

You gotta love the feathered hair and fringe jeans.


  1. I expect to see you in that tomorrow. Don't forget to feather your hair!

  2. I want to see pictures from tomorrow night of both of you dressed up and big hair! And are those some fringed white boots to go with the fringed jeans, or am I just imagining that?

    BTW, love that song!!

  3. I didn't realize your were an adolescent boy with glasses who wore red wristbands!?

  4. Oh. My. God. Is that fringe on your pants? Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I owned acid washed, paperbag waist, plaid patched shorts. Let's call this one a tie.

  5. Paige & Chelc-
    Aren't those fringe jeans and boots awesome? I was always upset that those weren't mine. I borrowed them for the show. But I had plenty of my own 'so bad they're good' 80's fashions: parachute pants, stretchy graphic print jeans, Skids pants.