Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Geek out

I have been attending grad school for the past 3 years for my masters in education. Specifically for Instructional Design for Online Learning. I came into it by accident, but I really enjoy it. I took the last 6 months off from taking classes, but I start up again in 2 weeks. I'm only 12 credits away from being done.

At work I've been taking a stronger role in advocating better use of instructional design in the development of our courses. I've posted articles to our intranet blog, I've given presentations to my office on the evolution of our courses, I've complained loudly on the crappiness of the courses sent by our content partners that we have to build.

Now the powers-that-be have started to take notice. I was asked to contribute to an RFP for a client about the levels of user interactivity. I went to town rewriting what they were originally going to use. I researched, incorporated the characteristics of adult learners, and came up with a piece that completely ROCKED!

See for yourself. Levels of User Interactivity.


  1. Good post, Clau. I liked it so much, it broke my writer's block and spurred me to write my own thoughts down...Congrats on breaking through!

  2. well, I guess I am happy that the write is working out for you even if you did steal my best ideas. That is what I get for mentoring you , I guess!?

  3. that's really interesting!