Saturday, June 14, 2008

50 things

I have been challenged. Here are 50 things about me.
  1. I once cried out of getting a speeding ticket.
  2. I got my tattoo on Christmas Eve when I was 19. It's a dolphin near my 'special place'.
  3. It took me 6 years to admit to my parents I had it.
  4. I was the chapter president of my sorority when I was a sophomore.
  5. I learned more from that experience than from any of my classes.
  6. I am thankful I traded in a boyfriend for my dog.
  7. I spent two months in a wheelchair after tearing both of my achillies tendons.
  8. I would rather text or email than talk on the phone.
  9. I can't watch scary movies, especially the supernatural kind. They give me horrible nightmares.
  10. I still bite my nails.
  11. I've road tripped to Key West, around the Midwest and traveled to Europe and the ABC islands all on my own.
  12. I rode in a hot air balloon.
  13. I crapped in a sink on my 21st birthday.
  14. I know how to swing dance.
  15. I played the violin in elementary school. I was awesome.
  16. I go indoor rockclimbing.
  17. I believe God is a woman and she doesn't care what religion you are.
  18. I have been to the Moulin Rouge in Paris, but don't remember it all because I was hammered.
  19. I tend to pick up foreign accents easily, especially when I'm drunk. I do Australian and Irish in certain company.
  20. I have been to Stonehenge, the rock of Gibraltar, the Alhambra, the Colosseum and to Mayan pyramids.
  21. New York City is my most favorite place in the world.
  22. I've been to over 20 Bruce Springsteen concerts and they never get old.
  23. I've hacked into an ex-boyfriend's email and got caught.
  24. I got certified for SCUBA three summers ago. I love it.
  25. I love snowboarding but don't go as often as I'd like.
  26. I lead my high school softball team in stolen bases.
  27. In high school, I was nominated for Homecoming Queen but didn't win.
  28. My first car was an '87 Firebird; gray with t-tops. I loved that car.
  29. I said I've been in love many times, but now I wonder how many times it was true.
  30. I hate cats.
  31. Past jobs include: waitress, movie concession stand cashier and popcorn maker, that person who gives out samples of food at Costco, and door-to-door vacuum salesperson (that didn't last long).
  32. My cousins are my closest friends.
  33. I've danced on stage at Jenkinsons.
  34. I probably think I'm funnier than I really am.
  35. I'm guilty of drunk dialing/texting.
  36. I'm not as close to my parents/brother as I'd like to be.
  37. I bought my own townhouse when I was 30.
  38. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
  39. This election will be the first where I vote for a Democrat as opposed to voting against a Republican.
  40. I can't wait for Bush to be out of office.
  41. I do my own Tarot cards.
  42. I think I have cute toes.
  43. I wish I spoke better Spanish.
  44. I have never been in a fist fight.
  45. I've tried pot, but didn't like it.
  46. I hate puking out my nose.
  47. Stupid movies and dog food commercials can make me cry.
  48. I have a girl crush on Angelina Jolie.
  49. I am a Twitter addict.
  50. I get bored really easily.
Ok bloggers, your turn!

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  1. vivzan4:55 PM

    Wow, I laughed out loud! Holy crap, some of these are outrageous!!