Monday, May 09, 2005

To The Dark Side

I have just purchased an iBook. Being from a PC background... all the way from the Radio Shack TRS-80, I am quite stressed on this life altering technology platform shift.

There were several reasons why I decided to turn to Mac:
  1. I had an urge to make a major purchase
  2. I wanted to bring a new electronic toy on vacation
  3. I wanted to play with video editing more
  4. My Dell crashed
  5. My birthday is coming up and I wanted to buy me a present

As soon as I clicked on the 'Buy' button, I was excited to get my hands on a new toy, a pretty wireless laptop that I can play with video editing to my hearts content. But I also got worried...what if my mac doesn't play nice with my PC? Will I get them to network? Will I get so enamored with my mac, that I forsake my PC and have to buy new Photoshop and Office software? What if my newfound freedom from wires and the Blue Screen of Death will encourage me to quit my job and become a world traveling adventurer, documenting my journies through photo and video? What if I spend years on the road in exotic locales, missing my family and friends grounded in the US? What if I live out my fantasy of people watching on street cafes and walking through ocean surf at sunset to the carols of tropical birds? What if I become an expatriot living in the caribbean?

What if my iBook doesn't come soon enough??

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