Monday, May 02, 2005

21 again

What a fun weekend! It started Friday night in Deleware.

I rode down by myself - I was meeting up with Brian, Melinda & Andrew and Andrew's college friends. Andrew graduated from U of Deleware so it turned into a reunion for him.

It took be a while to find the hotel. The directions I got online sent me in the wrong direction. Finally I got to where I needed to be and hung out with Brian in the lobby while we waited for Melinda & co.

We all got ourselves together and went out to the first bar - I forget the name, but it was off the main strip. All of us - about 10 of us, got some pitchers and took over a table. That's what I missed the most about school, the college bar prices.

At about 11pm Melinda, Brian and I walked to Jen's apartment to pick her up so we could go out. When we got there, Jen relized that she doesn't have her drivers license! The first words out of her mouth wasn't "how am I going to get in the bars?", but "I've been driving around without a license!".

What a nerd. Jen is the only one of us cousins who never got into trouble. If she had a fake ID like the rest of us, this wouldn't be a problem. While Jen went out to her car to see if it was in there, we made videos making fun of Jen on Brian's cell phone.

We decided that we were going to try and get Jen in using her license renual paperwork. Jen was really nervous because they card hard there.

We walked to the Stone Baloon which was just down the street and stood on a crazy ass line. By the time we got to the frint, it was 11:56pm. We said to the hot bouncer, "Ok, here's the situation..."

We told him how we drove for three hours just for Jen's 21st brithday and she lost her license, but here's her renual stuf, blah blah blah. He took one look and said "Ok, just hang out by the side for 4 minutes." So at midnight we entered the bar to celebrate.

We had a good time people watching, drinking 24oz $2.50 Coronas and $2 shots. Andrew was completely hammered and eventually blacked out and didn't remember anything.

The bar closed at 1am, so we mingled around outside at the curb for a while. We watched 2 guys knock down a garbage can across the street and yelled until the cops pulled them over - to the cheers of us across the street. I took a picture of one of them with his hands on the hood of the cop car. After he was let go and the cops left, Mr. Tough Guy knocked over another garbage can.

Andrew was beligerant and could hardly stand up. His friends were doing sumersalts on the grass. It was college revisited.

We stopped back at Jen's place. Melinda had to bring Andrew back to the hotel becuase he was such a mess. Brian and I hung out a little while longer, then stopped off at Dunkin Donuts before walking back to the hotel.

Andrew wasn't in the hotel room when we got back. When he did get in, he passed out, fell facr first, on the bed next to Brian and me. Whatever.

I woke up later in the night when Andrew got up to use the bathroom. I couldn't tell if he was peeing on the floor, in the tub, or where ever. Regardless, something was up and I didn't want to know what he was doing in there. I heard Andrew leave and got up to see what kind of trouble he was getting in. He was lightly knocking on his friend's door.

I had to go to the bathroom, but I went down to the lobby. I left with Andrew standing in the hallway. I came back to him standing in the same spot.

When Andrew finally came back in the room, I told him to pass out on Melinda's bed, not mine. He did, fully clothed, with his shoes on.

Oh yeah - sometime during th enight, Brian, Melinda and I entertained ourselves for 10 minutes making farting noises with our mouthes. I don't know why.

The next morning we went to breakfast at the diner - after we took wrong turns all over campus in the pouring rain. No big deal. I was driving. At the diner we left a note in the guestbook for Jen's birthday and took off for a jacker for Melinda.

We finally ended up at the mall where everyone bought at least one thing. Brian found a cool Rincon Beach hat in Abercrombie. Weird.

Later we went to Jen's apartment. Margie and Willie came up for her recital and brought dinner.

It left not long after dinner. I was meeting The Quad in Philly to see "Tony & Tina's Wedding", but that's another story.


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