Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Waiting Game

I've accepted a contracting job. Not really the one that I want, but it was the one that was offered to me after one interview. I've done contracting work at this company before, so it will be a pretty smooth transition. According to my recruiter, the hiring manager said that the decision to select me was a "no brainer".

I still have hopes for the other company, though. I interviewed well with them and when I flat out asked James, the recruiter there what the interest was in me, he said that my name has been thrown around many times in staffing meetings and they were just looking to see where I could fit in. Except, I couldn't afford - both financially and mentally - to be out of work, so I reluctancy said yes to the contracting gig.

Now that I know that I'll be starting a new job next week, this week is going by very slowly. I've spent the afternoon browsing in Barnes & Noble (again) and tomorrow I'm going into NYC to meet my cousins for lunch. Maybe I'll go in early morning to see a museum or something. I jut hope that the weather warms up.

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