Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Safety Net

It's been just over two weeks since I've been laid off. That's about as long as I can go staying in one spot, doing very little to not waste my reserve finances. I don't know how long I'll be this way and now the looming responsibility of mortgate payments are hiding in the back of my mind. But I do have to drag myself out of the house for lunch dates with friends, roaming in the bookstore isles and matinee movies. I've started singing nonsensical songs to Barry just to hear my own voice. I have to start working again - either that, or go on another vacation. But I know I really can't afford that right now.

Some good news might be in sight. In those two weeks, I've been on multiple interviews for four different positions. Yesterday I was given an offer. I feel much better now knowing that an income will be coming in very soon. It is for a company where I have contracted before, so I feel pretty confident about it. But I have another interview tomorrow afternoon that I figure I'll still go on to see what happens. They already know that I have an offer, so I'm hoping that they'll be in a position to make a decision quickly. There is also a third company where I have already had 2 interviews. I contacted the recruiter there to see if they were still interested in me. When I told him that I already had an offer and needed to make a decision by Thursday, he was going to see if he can schedule the last interview for me in time.

My hope would be to have a choice. It's all about choices.

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