Friday, November 19, 2004

it's all Beth's fault

I blame Beth.

It's the day before she's set to go on vacation for 2 weeks. She was restless in the office - and me, well I hardly need a reason to be distracted. She wanted to get out of the office for a bit and I happily obliged. Off to Kohl's we go!

I went in specifically to look. I didn't need anything - except maybe a fun new scarf/belt, or a girly flower pin; I have been feeling very feminine lately.

Well, I found several of the scarves that I wanted and a pretty perl/ribbon belt that I thought would be pretty for the holidays.

Mmmm, the holidays. The quinticential reason for shopping. For me. Shopping for me.

I saw the cutest snowmen bathroom towel set. It would be perfect in my powder room - once I get the new faucet hardware, new light fixtures and new towel bar. And I had to get the snowmen kitchen towel, snowmen tablecloth and snowmen floormat, you know, to carry out the theme.

And wouldn't you know it, Halloween things were 70% off!! So I wound up getting a pumpkin door decoration, a ghost candle, halloween tablecloth and a punpkin kitchen towel.

It's my mission to make my home feel happy and festive year 'round. So what says fun more than snowmen and pumpkins??

I blame it all on Beth.

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