Thursday, July 29, 2010

Morning ritual

When I get into work, I usually like to take 30 minutes to ease into the environment. This involves logging into my computer, reading work email, reading personal email, catching up on my RSS feeds and CNN, checking in with Facebook and Twitter and maybe getting something to drink.

I will do my pleasant "good mornings" to my cube-neighbors, but I basically want to take my time and get into my day. I want to enjoy the semi-solitude that comes with being a contractor.

But my new friend seems to have a different approach in the morning. Today, I hadn't even put my bag down on my counter when I start to get the update on her project, her last conference call, how the client is crazy and now once tight deadlines are flexible as they decide to add additional content into her project and basically introduce scope creep.

Ugh. I would like to say "it's not my problem. And actually, it's not your's either. Let your PM handle the client", but I don't. Instead I listen with half an ear and go about my morning ritual, offering comments where I can but secretly hoping that she'll notice that I'm preoccupied at the moment and let me take a breather.

I can only hope.


  1. toothpick3:07 PM

    you seriously have the best images ever on this blog.

  2. OK, this is how I always used to feel at work. I needed a few minutes to get on my game face...and that included me, having a bagel and reading email and news and stuff. Now that I work from home, this is not much of an issue...but! When I visit my parents, my dad is the equivalent of your co-worker. The very second my face comes around the corner, he shouts "Good Morning! You know, I was thinking..." and it just goes on and on from there. I haven't even made it into the bathroom yet, and he wants to quiz me about Windows 7 or NASA or my opinions on gays in the military. When I wake up, I HAVE no opinions. I just want to yell "Shut up for another 20 minutes! I am still asleep! For the love of Pete...."