Wednesday, June 06, 2007

proof that i'm an asshole

I am an asshole. There really is no denying it. I've been complaining about everything at work and now it has expanded to complaining about the way people dress.

There is one person at work who particularly annoys me. We don't have a lot of contact unless I'm doing a small project for her, but she has the most annoying voice and does this "i'm trying to be cute" baby-talk when she asks for something. She does this to coworkers. She does this to clients. It makes me want to vomit.

Today she came into work with mini hair clips holding back her bangs. About six of them went across her scalp attempting to be a headband. She has reddish-blond hair. The clips were bright white. It was horrendous.

This is my IM trade with my friend who sits right next to me. She understands me and my asshole-ness.

me: look at melissa's hair when she comes back. i hate it


J: I noticed her new color and hair cut

me: i like the cut, not the style today. very 12-year old hillary duff wannabe

J: I'll have a look. I did not notice

me: did you see??

J: hilary duff is more fashionable than that

me: it hurts me

J: the clips are a little tacky

me: they may as well have little rainbows or unicorns on them

She then said that I am in desperate need of some happy pills.

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