Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Moving Day

I moved my stuff out of my apartment this weekend. After looking at the pictures, there was a lot more stuff than I thought. 

Saturday began with my good friend Jane arriving with her huge SUV to help cart boxes over to the house. If it was in a box or a plastic bin, and we were able to carry it, then we shoved it in her SUV or my car and drove it over. We did two trips. 

Then later in the day, Trosa arrived to take the furniture and anything left over. One hour is all it took for three guys to put stuff in a truck, drive it 20 minutes and unload stuff out of a truck.

By the way, Trosa is great. Wonderful people, professional and courteous. I love them!

The majority of my stuff got crammed in the back bedroom while I still have renovations going on and while I figure out what needs to go where.

Poor Barry is so confused.

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