Friday, May 03, 2013

Color shift

In the midst of all the renovation / moving nonsense, I need just one space where I can close the door and relax. That will be my bedroom.

I took a vacation day to get my room set up. First, paint the trim.

I changed it from a dingy off-white color to a bright white. You can see the drastic difference.

Then I painted the room a lighter color. Even though this photo was taken before I had overhead lights working, you can see the difference.

Any romantic ideas about how nice it will be to paint my entire house went out the window. Painting is a bitch. Mostly because my canvas tarp wasn't large enough to cover the whole floor, so I had to keep sliding it over to the area that I was working on. And that involved moving paint cans, a ladder, various crap. Stepping into flip-flops whenever I stepped on the newly finished floors so as not to get any paint on it. Then checking and wiping off any paint droplets before they dried.

But the result, as I finally laid down on a borrowed air mattress (that did not leak!) was pretty awesome.

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