Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Most annoying dog

Yesterday I worked from home to let my poison ivy-ridden body heal. And because I was actually working and not taking a day to spend with Barry, he got a little lonely.

When he gets bored and I'm not paying attention, he does things to get my attention.

Like climbing on to my closet shelf.

Or tossing things out of boxes to sit in them.

Or trying to squeeze in really tight spots.
I bet I can get up here...

Oh, hai!

Umph, just gotta turn around...

Ooh.. balance...

Ta Da! Hey Mom, look at me!

He climbed my stack of boxes like a mountain goat.

And got all nosey in my stuff.

So I yelled at him finally and made him go outside.

Where he sulked.

My dog is an asshole.

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