Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Home Inspection

Things have been moving along. I've been tackling this whole process like any project manager should. I have all my necessary items to make decisions in one place, I've been in touch with my lender, Realtor, home inspector and contractor. And all this BEFORE the deal is final.

The home inspection happened last week. I called him Monday morning to arrange a time for him to come out to the property and he was there that afternoon. How's that for quick service. 

Chris, my home inspector was wonderful. A great recommendation. He was through in his inspection and explained issues to me with patience. I asked him, "so should I be running from this house"?

His answer was no. As an older home it will have somethings to attend to, but overall it was a good house. 

There are some cracks in the brick siding, but many have shown earlier repair. This is likely due to settling of the house and repaired areas do not show indication of further cracking. I could bring in an engineer to pay closer inspection to the foundation, but his recommendation was wait and see. Pay attention to the cracks and if I notice any of then getting larger or wider, then bring in the pros. 

Along the roofline of the porch there is some rotten wood cladding. That is the only area of the roof that touches wood.

The rest of the report contained electrical and insulation stuff.  

And here is what made working with Chris even better. 

The original contract I had with his was to do the home inspection and then to be the HUD 203k Consultant to help with the (somewhat) complicated process that takes place for the 203k loan that I am applying for. I payed him in full for both services. 

Within 10 minutes of us leaving the property, he had contacted my lender. During that conversation he realized that my loan would be a Streamlined 203k loan and would not require the services of a HUD 203k Consultant. He called me to let me know that he would be refunding the cost of the Consulting fees and within 20 minutes after that he texted me a photo of the deposit slip of the refunded money back into my checking account. 

At the end of the week I had my detailed home inspection report which he also forwarded to my contractor so they can begin preparing the items that will need to be on my renovation list. 

It is very easy for me to recommend:
Chris Ferguson of Ferguson and Company

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