Saturday, February 09, 2013

Crunching numbers

There are times where I am spontaneous and just go with the flow. Trust in the Universe and let things sort themselves out.

This is not one of those times. As my Realtor provided me comps of other homes in the neighborhood which sold within the last 10 months I pulled out my maps, spreadsheets and went to work. I was trying to decide what to put as an offer price for my home.

I compared how close the houses were to the park or the crappy side of the main road, if the kitchen and baths were updated, and how much per square foot the comps were and how much did that differ from what mine was.

Then came a balancing act. If I offer this for the sale price, and I guesstimate what the renovations will cost, what will I need for closing? What should I ask for the seller to contribute towards closing?

It didn't help that my mortgage lender wasn't as responsive as I would have liked in providing me some different pricing scenarios.

But finally this morning my Realtor submitted my offer to the seller.

And now I wait.

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  1. supergoodnumberone4:36 PM

    So exciting! Definitely keep the posts coming!