Thursday, June 03, 2010

Shedding my skin

Flickr photo by brutalbrianaxIt's funny to me just how much my priorities have shifted these past few weeks. Or at least how I spend my time.

I don't watch TV much anymore. My Netflix subscription is practically useless. I have 4 DVDs sitting idle in a box. Books have been sitting in a pile and my journal is getting lonely.

I look around at the things that have accumulated in my house these past six years and wonder how they all got there? That glass pelican with a fish in its belly? Where did that come from? I know I didn't buy it.

As I pack up my belongings, I'm taking swift actions to get rid of the things that weigh me down, that have no value to me, that just take up space. I look at things that have fostered solo activities and consider their usefulness. Do I really want to spend hours making candles, or scrapbooking? No.

Because I no longer have to think of my life in the "I" sense. I can now look at it as "we". And it's not that I'm shedding my identity for the sake of someone else, but I'm allowing it to morph into something that allows for someone else to share some space.

And that feels really good.

(Flickr photo by brutalbrianax)

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  1. toothpick11:47 AM

    I totally feel you on getting rid of the things!! I think that when we have so much stuff it literally does weigh us down on many, many levels. Kudos for taking charge and opening up your space (and your heart!)