Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A (very) good visit

Yeah, so I've been pretty silent about what's been going on lately. But I've been busy.
Just a week and a half ago Charles drove up to see me for a few days. It would be an understatement to say that we both had a great time.

In the 5.5 days he was here, he:
  • met my parents
  • walked my dog and picked up his poop
  • help me make dinner for my brother and his girlfriend
  • made some minor improvements on my house
  • attended his first baseball game, complete w/fireworks
  • met my extended family at a BBQ
  • visited my hometown and all the places I went to school
  • picnicked in Princeton
  • lunched in Times Square
  • rocked out to Rock of Ages
  • relaxed in Central Park

Times Square
Central Park


  1. toothpick10:01 PM

    randomly, dang, you look good in that shade of blue!

  2. If this were Facebook, I'd be clicking the "Like" button, then post a comment bitching about the absence of a "Love" button.