Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sorority Nerd

12/365Image by bearclau via Flickr

I have become obsessed.

Since I have been asked to serve as the Chapter Advisor for my sorority at my school, I have charged at this responsibility full steam ahead.

First, I am a sorority geek. As an undergrad, I was my chapter president, house manager (our version of a RA), and was heavily involved in the recruitment of new members. As an alumnae, I was the Recruitment Advisor for 2 years and worked on several iterations of a chapter/alumnae website.

But now I've taken on this reaction that I can only describe as passionate. For the first time, I find myself doing something that just seems so incredibly fun, and professionally relevant. All the things I've done career-wise is coming together: project management, technology stuff, training & development. And matching it up with the joy I received out of being in a sorority: the sense of belonging, natural leadership, relationship building -- has turned into the perfect blend for me.

Within the two weeks since I agreed to take on this role, I have already formed a relationship with my 'mentee', met both the Greek Advisor and House Director, contacted most of my fellow alumnae advisors and created a website for the Advisors to communicate with each other. I've gone through the manuals and the electronic file-sharing site. I'm even preparing a 4-hour officer retreat program from scratch to be delivered next weekend.

I am overwhelmed with information which will take time for me to process, but all these great ideas are coming to me like lightning strikes and I have to record then when it happens, on paper, in a file, or even a voice memo on the iPhone.

I haven't been this charged in I don't know how long. It feels pretty good.


  1. If you feel that good about it, you must be meant to do it! Good luck!

  2. toothpick7:52 PM

    so exciting, clau!