Friday, January 01, 2010

2010: Resolutions

New Years Day I sat with my cousins around the breakfast table talking about what we wanted to accomplish in the new year.

Liam wants to put on weight (unlike millions of other Americans)
Ken wants to finish working on the laundry room.
Eric wants to take Ali on a trip to Europe.
Priscilla wants a job (so do I).

Me, along with my usual wish of seeing a new country, I also want to take pictures, video or write every day to record the wonderful but sometimes mundane aspects of the year. Because when you look back on it, it's a beautiful reminder of what you accomplished, witnessed or just survived.

So, with the help of my wonderful family, here's my first fulfillment of my 2010 New Years Resolutions.


  1. Love it! I love seeing this stuff because your whole family is so much fun. Looking forward to all the new posts...

  2. I love how the family got involved! My question is, how many times did you have to play the song to get all that footage?!