Thursday, October 22, 2009

Morning ritual

Flickr: cameosteph

You know that time in the morning after a cup or two of coffee? Around 10:00?

So you go to the ladies room and revel in the fact that its empty. Yeay! Then as you are just about to relax and get comfortable, you hear the door open and the click, click, click of heels as they walk into the stall two down from you. So you sit.

And wait.

You might give a light cough or rustle of the toilet paper roll just to let your presence known. Because there is a code.

You might lightly tap your foot just to give your body something other to do than the inevitable release it so wants to do. Not yet anyway.

Many things might cross your mind: why don't the stall wall and doors go all the way to the ceiling and floor? Ooh, I like those shoes. Hmm, I didn't have asparagus last night.

Finally you hear the whirl of the toilet paper roll and a plastic creak as the weight shifts off the toilet seat. Now's your chance.

As soon as the flush starts you can continue on your quest.

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