Monday, October 19, 2009

The Met

I was looking for inspiration this weekend. I found it at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

I love going to the museum and wandering around. I tend to loiter in the same places: the sculpture gardens, Renaissance paintings and Impressionist paintings.

The Artist

In the sculpture gardens, I enjoyed watching the artists sketch the works as much as the art itself. I brought along my own sketchbook and pencils but was intimidated by the other artists. Their sketches were so real it was hard to believe that it was only paper.

I found corners where I could hide where I could quickly sketch a piece of architecture. Mostly I took pictures of statues so I could sketch them later on my own.

Make your own comparisons.

What I realized that I was most drawn to works of art that had a distinct range of color values from dark to light.

I loved how the shadows fell across the sculptures. The realism of paintings where you could almost touch the wetness of the eyes. How your eyes could fool the mind into seeing beyond the brush strokes towards the bigger picture.

This post is no where as near as complete or my thoughts as composed as I would like them to be, but that's ok. Its only the stirrings of a creative force that is finding a way to emerge.


  1. *Happy sigh* I love looking at art. Thanks for bringing a little our way.

    BTW, I'm still totally intimidated to sketch around other people, and I do it in class twice a week! But the only way to get comfortable with it is to keep doing it, so I try to keep at it. I love your sketch of the statue though - you captured the essence of that silent scream. Statues are great to sketch.

  2. Great post. Because you took me right there (le sigh).