Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flashback: 2/10/2002

I bought my new journal today because my old one is almost full. I got myself another Moleskin square ruled journal. I love it.

I always carry a journal around with me to capture thoughts that can't wait until I put them in my blog, or are just too personal.

To celebrate my new journal, I thought I'd take you back to an entry from seven years ago today.

Michele's all moved in.

I went in on a Saturday afternoon to help her unpack.

I took the train in from New Brunswick. I hadn't been in NYC since September. As I passed Newark and looked east at the skyline, my heart hurt -- as it always does. But I was able to put my arms around it now.

Growing up in the 80's, it was all about excess. If you did anything, you did it over the top. Expensive toys, loud clothes, high hair. It was always more, more, more.

Well, when I looked at the alien skyline, I realized: there was just too much sky.

Once I got to Penn Station, the familiar smells came back to me. I think the popcorn guy was the same one. The black karaoke guy was still there next to the news stand singing those corny songs, wearing the same hat, jacket and shiny shoes. It was comforting to still see him there. The world could fall down around me, but as long as that guy is still there singing to a captive crowd of commuters, then the world will be ok.

I got on the A/C/E downtown. There were still signs on the subway and in the station for World Trade Station. I took a picture. I transferred to the L train and all I could think of was David Reynolds singing "There ain't no party like an L train party!"

I got off at 23rd and wandered around. I had to ask a cop where I was going because I got a little disoriented. Didnt' have those familiar towers to guide me. I passed a firehouse and looked at the cards, signs and flowers that were still on the sidewalk.

I found Michele's apartment building. It's right on the edge of Gramercy Park. It's fantastic. I'll be coming here a lot.

I have more to write, but I'm tired and I want to go to bed.

The weekend is over too soon.

[musical notes] "I still love you New York" [musical notes]

[sketch of the NYC skyline with the Twin Towers and Statue of Liberty]

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