Monday, September 29, 2008

The Simple Things

"The opposite of happiness after all isn’t sadness or depression. It’s boredom."

This is all too often true for me. It's probably a fair statement to say that I've spent the majority of my life being bored. 

I just read this article about 11 Refreshing Ways to Bring Out the Awesomeness in Life. I wish it left me inspired. Well, maybe just a little bit. But mostly it made be feel wanting. 
Every Autumn I reminice about going back to school. It was the start of a new year, a new chance to learn something new, to spend time with my friends. It was something specific to look forward to. Now that I'm out of school (a physical school, that is), there has been that loss of a tangible beginning of something new. At work, summer melds into fall, melds into winter, then into spring, and the cycle starts over again. 

This year, I would like to make some changes. I will start small and see what kind of effect is brings. I will get back to enjoying the simple things in life. I've let myself get away from that. I can still be stopped dead in my tracks when I see the clouds turn pink in the fading sunset. But I know there are so many other precious moments that I just let slip by. 

No more slipping. 


  1. I hear you. I've been making a series of small changes in my life. It's the best way.

    I liked the article you posted. During the week I get caught up in work and the things I need to do when I get home. This article was like a reminder to me.

    I hope you post what you end up doing and how it works for you.

  2. I really liked this article & post too. It's funny because I get into those geeky block-out-everything-else times in drawing class and when I really get excited about my animating. It's funny, like today, to look back and say I drew feet for 3 hours, but I really enjoyed it and it's the only way to get better.

    I tend to stress out easily about committing to too many activities. I love my at-home time (and usually have plenty of homework to fill that time). But Andrew is really good at making me balancing that out with play time (co-op Lego Batman or going to the movies, dinner, etc.). And if I get a few things accomplished and some time to play, I'm a happy camper. It really does make a difference.

    Oh, random thought about appreciating the little things. My cats totally help me do that. We've been out & come home? They have to sniff every inch of whatever went outside that door (especially if we brought something home with us). We're eating or drinking anything? They have to sniff it. Makes me think of things from their perspective.