Wednesday, April 30, 2008

scene of the crime

I woke up this morning to the sound of helicopters outside my bedroom window. There were two just hovering over the back of my townhouse development. I thought there might have been an accident on Route 1.

Later on, as I was walking Barry, one of the kids waiting for the school bus was taking pictures of the choppers with his cell phone. That's when I noticed the police tape.

Police Tape in my backyard
What the hell? There was a police car parked in front of the tape. I asked what was going on, but he got all coy. "You gotta watch the news."

"Is is bad?"

He just shrugged and gave me a goofy look. DAMN! I want to know these things.


So I hurried Barry along and as soon and he pooped, I turned him back to go home. I went from local news channel to local news channel hoping to find some of the aerial shots, or at least a story of what was going on. Nothing. I went online to the local news stations and the local paper for any breaking story developments. Nothing.

This is going to bother me all day? Is there a bear on the loose? A psycho killer? Is there a body found along the creek?

Must. Find. Out.


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