Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All grown up

Why is the Vanity Fair shoot with Miley Cyrus such a big deal? I mean really, there was no boob, no crotch shots, and people are walking the streets of Main Street, America with less clothes on.

She didn't pose for Playboy, or even those second rate mags like Blender or Maxim. She had Annie Leibovitz as her photographer, for chrissakes!

What pisses me off, is not so much the media scrutiny, but that Miley pussed out and said that she was embarrassed about the photo shoot. Sure, she's only 15 and still a little girl. But it would have been a perfect opportunity to stand up to the media and own up and stand by her decision (and her dad's, and managers, and all the other handlers she has).

Poor form, Miley. You could have had the best of both worlds, but you blew it.

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