Friday, April 22, 2005


What a long day this will be. My manager is out of the office at an offsite meeting. I'm sitting in a cube not knowing how long I'll be here; I'm supposed to be movng into the 'bullpen', a community cube shared by 4 other people. I've caught up with the things on my to-do list and I don't even think there is enough around to even give the illusion of being busy.

It's Friday, no one is around me and it's deathly quiet in this office. I have iTunes playing, but at almost whisper level because I don't know how far the sound will carry. I have a feeling that even the keyboard clicking is echoing off the walls.

Today will be a day for an extra long lunch hour - maybe at Barnes & Noble. I have an urge to shop and now that I have a paycheck coming in again, I know that urge will be satisfied very soon. I've been keeping a new digital camera purchase at the back of my mind. I have that trip to the Dominical Republic coming up, you know. I wish it was the end of May already so I can hop on that plane for a week of lavish nonsense.

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