Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Astrological Job Hunt

My career path has been on my mind lately. I guess that it is serendipity that I keep coming across relevant sites.

Today's article from CNN, What your zodiac sign says about your career, is another one that kept my interest.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21) Gemini's need a profession that keeps them motivated and interested -- no two days at work should be the same. Gemini from the survey reported working such jobs as art/design/architecture, nursing and personal care, sales, law enforcement, firefighting and machine operation -- all of which are right up a Gemini's alley.
Well, my days have become monotonous. Maybe I should become a firefighter?


  1. Your jobs all sound so cool! (And I was a volunteer firefighter in college & seriously considered becoming one in Brooklyn. Firefighters FTW!)

    These are my boring jobs "Cancer (June 22 - July 22) Cancers are energetic, kindhearted, imaginative and protective. Their personalities usually fare well in law, psychology, teaching or nursing. Survey respondents said they worked in government, legal services, advertising, higher education, machine operation, transportation and military, all of which are in line with Cancer personality traits."

    Talk about all the crap-on-me jobs in the world! None of those sound appealing to me!! I'm going to become a Gemini instead - Andrew's one already, that's close enough, right? ;)

  2. Both you and Chelc got machine operation. Rosie! And Chelc, you got psychology and law, two that I considered growing up and like.

    Here's me:
    Capricorns are persistent, responsible and dogmatic; they thrive in positions of power and where you can apply your common sense. Capricorns reported working in art/design/architecture, nursing, science, IT, sales, farming and food preparation, which are all fitting to this zodiac.

    Food prep? That explains why I'm continuously drawn to the co-op food prep shift where they put the herbs, spices, teas and dried fruits and nuts into tiny bags. They also get to cut the cheeses.

  3. Viv, you said 'cut the cheese'. Heh.
    (Yes, I'm 7 years old.)